Cascade Skincare

Illuminating Skin Nutrients - Mineral Moisturizer

$ 27.99

Illuminating Skin Nutrients Mineral Moisturizer is a water based mineral moisturizer in an easy to use spray form.  It refreshes skin and revitalized cells. No rubbing is needed - just relax and let it soak into your skin. It does not irritate or cause dry, flaky skin. Customers claim it also evens out their skin tone. Great for anyone who wants smooth, bright, healthy skin. Spray your face morning and night. Can also use a refresher during the day.

Cascade Skincare products are all natural, balancing, soothing, and calming. They are made from 100% pure Cascade Mountain water that is rich in minerals and nutrients. No animal testing. All products are hypoallergenic with no chemicals or dyes.

Ingredients: Water, Glabrolide (licorice root), Uralenolide (Chinese licorice root), 2β-methoxy-1&al- pha; 25-dihydroxy (vitamin D3)

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